Benefits of Residential Metal Roofing in Florida

09/19/22 | Roofing

Your roof is the most exposed part of your home and it takes the brunt of the weather. Most roofs will last between 10 to 15 years. Installing a metal roof can increase the life expectancy of your roof. Metal roofs offer many benefits that aren’t available with traditional roofs. These are the top benefits of residential metal roofing in Florida.

Protects Against the Weather

Metal roofs can protect your home from the severe weather conditions that we experience. Each year, we face high winds, rain, and the scorching sun. These factors will gradually wear down most roof materials.

Metal roofs can withstand the elements, and provide long-lasting protection from the weather. Metal roofs are often eligible for discounts by insurance companies due to their long life expectancy and durability (40 to 70 years). These roofs protect your home from adverse weather conditions and act as a barrier.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, we recommend metal roofing. HD Roofing can customize your roof and work with you to create a metal roof that suits your needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and only use the finest materials.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of residential metal roofing in Florida. Metal roofs are coated with cooling pigments and painted with reflective colors. These two features make metal roofs more efficient in energy use. They retain heat and make it easier for you to control the temperature in your home. Metal roofs are 40% better at cooling and heating your home.

We provide free estimates on metal roofs. You will see the savings that you can make by installing them in your house. We are metal roofing specialists and can help you choose the right roof.

Metal Roofs Go With Everything

Metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors so you can match them with specific styles. A roof that complements your style will enhance the beauty of your home.

Many properties in South Florida love the Mediterranean style. These roofs are typically covered with clay shingles. It is easy to match your home’s style with the different metal shapes and types. We will come to your home and install the roof.

Metal roofs offer more benefits and are easy to maintain. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right metal roof for you.

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These are just three benefits of metal roofing. Get a free quote for metal roofs by calling HD Roofing today. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to help find the right metal roof for you. Contact us now!

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