Helping restore the broken pieces.

HD is helping Orlando community. Almost 4 years ago, Hurricane Irma slammed Florida with 150 mph winds. In its wake it left an estimated $50 billion in damages and affected countless lives.

While for most of us Hurricane Irma is an unpleasant memory from years ago, for one family in particular it is still a daily struggle.

Cynthia and Al left their flooded home on Sept 10, 2017 with the aid of the National Guard and have not been able to move back in since then. It has been almost 4 years of roadblocks and obstacles, testing their faith and endurance every step of the way.

It is the unwavering determination of this family to fight and keep their home that has touched our hearts. At HD we have made it our goal to give Cynthia and Al the ability to move back into their home and give rest to the years of struggle.

We want to let the pictures speak for themselves. You see, Cynthia is a photographer and has captured the grim condition of the aftermath through her camera’s lens. Her beautiful black and white images give you a glimpse into their world and the challenge still ahead.

helping orlando community

The process will not be easy, but we at HD are committed to helping restore Cynthia and Al’s home. We are also reaching out to anyone willing to help in the process. We believe in sowing seeds of love that bring joy and peace into the lives of others. Any effort is greatly appreciated. Join us in the rewarding process of restoration. Together we can make an impact in their lives!

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