Roofing Insurance and their Deductibles

Here We Inform Homeowners About Their Deductibles

Roofing Insurance Deductibles Information for the state of Florida.

Has hail damaged your roof? It might be time to file a claim with your insurance provider.

Understanding your deductible is important!

What is a Deductible?
An insurance deductible may be defined as the amount you must pay upfront before the carriers pay you for the loss covered. Most insurance policies contain clauses pertaining to deductibles.

Our Position
HD Roofing and Construction requires the insured to pay their deductible. We will install the highest quality roof system available. We stand by our word to serve our clients with excellence, and our integrity is not something we will negotiate.

Loss Statement
The deductible is the co-pay or responsibility of the insured. Many times the insurance company’s loss statement refers to less deductible applied. This portion or amount of deductible is the agreed upon amount between the insured and insurance company that the homeowner pays to the contractor.

The replacement of damaged property is a shared expense between the homeowner and the insurance company. The insured’s annual premium is based upon the agreed upon out of pocket expense for the insured. Lower deductibles constitute higher annual premiums for the homeowner. Therefore, a lower annual premium would necessitate a higher deductible for each occurrence.

The responsibility to pay the deductible is the homeowners. The department of regulatory agencies states that it is illegal for the contractor to contribute to a homeowner’s deductible. However, many roofing companies contribute to the insured’s deductibles by using sign credits, discounts, and rebates. This is defined as soft insurance fraud, and in most cases, it is overlooked.


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