Emergency Tarps

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roofers covering home with a tarp after a tree fell on the home

Emergency Tarps

If you’re facing a roofing emergency, don’t hesitate to contact HD Roofing & Solar for fast and reliable emergency tarp services. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to your needs and get your property secure as quickly as possible. Protect your home or business from further damage with the help of HD Roofing & Solar’s emergency tarp services.

Why Roofing Tarps?

When there is a roofing emergency, such as a sudden leak or storm damage, roofing tarps are used as a temporary measure to protect a building from additional damage. Roofing tarps can aid in preventing water from entering the building, which could otherwise result in additional damage to the building’s structure and any possessions inside. Additionally, tarps can aid in halting future harm to the roof itself, which is particularly crucial if the damage is extensive and a replacement roof is required.

Emergency roof tarps help protect your home after damage from hail, storms, or other events. They are a temporary solution to a damaged roof until major repairs can be completed.

HD Roofing & Solar specialize in home storm restoration with four main areas of focus: roof repairs and replacement, interior restoration, water mitigation, and guttersIf your home has been impacted by a storm, call us right away.

Once your roof tarp is in place, we recommend scheduling a permanent repair as soon as possible. HD Roofing & Solar offers roof repair and replacement services, as well as interior home restoration.

Why HD Roofing & Solar?

When you hire us for a roof repair or replacement, you receive:


A FREE comprehensive roof inspection and estimate


A team of highly-qualified professional roofers


Landmark® Shingles with “Lifetime Limited Warranty”


Available roofing maintenance packages


High-quality, unparalleled customer service


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