Company Announcement to the Community.


We believe our role in serving customers and the community during this time is a critical one. That is a reason for us to offer financial help to any individual of our community that has been impacted by the recent events and who also belong to the medical field, first responders, educational system and other critical areas of work and service to our amazing country.


If you are or you know of someone from these fields above, that needs help please let us know. If you have been laid-off from work because of this health crisis, struggling with home bills and/or to feed your children or even having a hard time paying your rent please send us a private message to, and share your story with us. We are committed to help and serve our community in whichever way possible!


Please read this personal note from our owners…


“To all those that work in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, lab workers, hospital cleaning crews, cafeteria workers and to anyone else who works inside the hospitals, urgent care centers and ER’s…THANK YOU for working around the clock to care for those that are sick. You put your own life at risk for strangers every day, thank you for your selfless service!


To all those that work as first responders, firefighters, and police officers… THANK YOU for your selfless service!


To all the people that work in grocery stores, warehouse workers that stock the shelves and truck drivers that drive long hours every day to make sure stores get the supplies we need… THANK YOU for your selfless service!


To all the teachers and those that work in the education field… These past few days, parents have received a first-hand insight into what you do every day and we say THANK YOU for your selfless service and care to our children!


From the bottom of our hearts, we are praying for this great country and every family, even those across our borders. Some people are working tirelessly while others are being laid-off from work because companies are shutting down, but this is just a reminder that we will get through this together! Stay strong, be vigilant, be kind to others and act in love, not fear. God bless you all & stay safe!”



David & Deliana Munoz

Owners of HD Roofing and Construction