HD Roofing and Construction honor our first responders.

It is a disaster, you’ve been notified, and you are en route, your mind is going through hundreds of scenarios as you scan channels to see if there are any other updates. When you get on scene your instincts kick in. Tunnel vision threatens you, all your training comes flooding back to you, there are only three things you can rely on: your partner, your team, and yourself. You make a plan. You take action. You save lives. That is what a first responder does.
First responders do not have the ability to change the course of an event; but their interventions can help make any situation better. October 28th marks the National First Responders Day and we at HD Roofing and Construction honor these unique individuals, they are fully committed to protect and serve our communities to their very best ability; and to do so with skill and compassion. Thank you to all of our first responders, we appreciate you!

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HD Roofing gives back to the Orlando and Longwood community


From the Longwood Police Department Facebook page:

We were truly honored and thankful to have received a visit from HD Roofing and Construction earlier today. This local family ran business stopped by and provided a generous donation to our Longwood Police Department Explorer Program. Thank you for your contribution to a program that is near and dear to Longwood’s youth!


The most trusted roofing company in Orlando gives back again and again to the state of Florida community:

We can help with all roof repairs ir roof replacement needs. We have a 24 hours emergency service.

by HD Roofing and Construction.

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