HD Roofing and Construction Certifications

" I was almost scammed by another roofing company, but HD Roofing came and fix everything, they changed rotten wood and all, I will recommend 100% this company to everybody"
Leonardo Cotta
" I am really please I did go with HD Roofing, their work is outstanding, is been a pleasure to have HD Roofing fix my home after hurricane Michael hit, my brand new roof and interior is outstanding work"
Robert Daniels
"HD Roofing did a superb job, amazing work, quick, efficient, top quality and best price ever"
Stan Buchanan
"I want to thank HD Roofing, they did tremendous work in my house, I am impressed, I would recommend HD Roofing to all my friends"
Isaias Maldonado
"After hurricane Michael almost destroyed our home is been nothing but a pleasant experience having HD Roofing fix our home, HD Roofing exceeded all our expectations, I love them"
The Tuttons
"Our house was damaged by a lot of trees after the hurricane hit, my house is now better than new, I would recommend HD Roofing to anybody that need their services"
Lisa Kitto
"HD Roofing did two brand new roofs in two properties I have, I will definitely recommend them, excellent job"
August Valentin

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