Interior Restoration

In many cases of water mold, fire damage, storms, and more it may be necessary to perform interior reconstruction and remodeling after the damaged materials have been removed.

HD Roofing and Construction has an experienced crew ready to assist with all aspects of water and home restoration and reconstruction process.
Whether you need new insulation, drywall and trim, flooring, cabinetry, or anything else, we ensure that the beauty of your property is restored or enhanced.
We offer packing and storage for your personal items during your restoration or remodel.

HD Roofing and Construction has an experienced crew ready to assist with all aspects of water and home

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We can answer all your questions regarding home interior restoration

Homeowners have many important questions about their Home Interior Restoration Project. How much will it cost? How long will it take? What problem areas do I need to watch out for? Can I recover my Home Interior Restoration investment when I sell? Can I do some of the work myself? What can I do to make sure that the work is done right?

Costs, materials and best practices for the example Home Interior Restoration project will help you answer these questions. Use this information to develop a budget, bid requirements, hiring contracts and a project plan.

Why Do a Remodel

Most property owners are interested in remodeling to update and upgrade their interior spaces. Some may be looking to improve form while others are keen on bumping up functionality. More often than not, updates and upgrades are shelved because many believe it’s not the best time to do them. When you’re dealing with storm damage, however, remodeling becomes a necessity rather than an option. If you’ve been thinking of changing up your interior, but haven’t quite gotten around to doing it, remodeling to address storm damage is a great way to hit two birds with one stone, restoring your property as you incorporate updates and upgrades.

Need Insurance Claims Assistance?

It’s hard to deal with storm damage, but HD Roofing and Construction can help make it easier for you by providing insurance claims’ assistance. We have experience working with both local and national insurance companies, so we are confident we have what it takes to help guarantee that you receive just compensation for your troubles.

interior restoration
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