How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

07/25/22 | Solar

Homeowners and businesses increasingly invest in solar panels to cut energy costs or even earn profits by selling excess power. A crucial question is the lifespan of these solar investments. Let’s delve into how long you can expect your solar panels to function effectively.

Expected Lifespan of Solar Panels.

Typically, solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years. Advances in technology might extend this to 50 years for newer models. As panels age, planning for eventual replacement is essential.

Identifying Replacement Needs.

Keep an eye on the energy output to determine when to replace panels. A noticeable decrease in energy production usually means it’s time for new panels. Generally, there’s about a 0.5% efficiency loss per year, leading to a 15% reduction in output after three decades.

Factors Leading to Efficiency Loss.

Various elements contribute to the reduced performance of panels:

  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Impact from heavy rain
  • Operational heat effects
  • The inherent quality of the panels
  • Installation approach
  • Construction of the panels
  • Influences on Panel Longevity

Time isn’t the sole factor affecting panel longevity. Damage from environmental events like hailstorms or hurricanes can impair functionality, necessitating replacements. Post-storm inspections by professionals are advisable.

Maximizing Panel Life.

Regular check-ups and basic care can extend the life of your solar setup. Cleaning the panels biannually is a simple yet effective step. End-of-life panels can be recycled, allowing the reuse of materials like glass, silicon, and plastics. Recycling practices are continuously evolving for better sustainability.

Maintenance Essentials.

Maintenance primarily involves cleaning, which you can do with non-abrasive tools and gentle cleansers. Handle panels carefully to avoid damage. Homeowners can manage cleaning, but should leave repairs to experts. The cleaning frequency may increase depending on your environment.

Final Thoughts.

Solar panels are valuable assets for eco-friendly energy solutions. If you’re considering installation, HD roofing offers professional services to optimize your solar experience.

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