How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Both homeowners and commercial property owners are making big investments in solar panels. Going solar can reduce, or even eliminate your energy bills. You may even be able to make a profit selling surplus energy to power companies if you have enough solar panels. The question many people have is “ How long do solar panels last? “ No solar panel is guaranteed to last forever, regardless of how high-quality they are. Here we will answer that question and more!

What Is The Life Expectancy of Solar Panels?

Solar panels typically last between 25-30 years. Some of the oldest panels are reaching the end of their useful life spans and will need replacement sometime in the future. As solar panel technology improves, this expected lifespan may change. Newer, better-quality solar panel systems can last up to 50 years. This may increase with time and technology improvements.

How Do You Know When Solar Panels Need To Be Replaced?

You can easily tell if your solar panels need to be replaced by looking at the output. If your panels aren’t producing as much energy or any at all, it is time to replace them. Over time, solar panels lose efficiency and should be replaced if they aren’t producing enough energy to power your home or business. Take note of how much output your solar panels are able to produce.

Solar panel degradation occurs at a rate of .5% per year. Solar panels will produce around 15% less energy by the end of the 30-year mark.

What Causes Solar Panels to Degrade?

There are many factors that can cause solar panel degradation:

  • UV radiation
  • Heavy rain
  • Heat
  • The quality of solar panels
  • Installation
  • Assembly of the panels

What Can Affect The Solar Panel’s Life Span?

Solar panels will eventually become less durable over time. But, time is not the only factor that can affect their lifespan. If the damage is severe enough, it can result in panels losing their ability to work. Solar panels could be damaged by hailstorms that produce large amounts of hail. While some of the damage can be repaired, in certain cases, solar panels will need to be replaced.

A solar panel can also be damaged by the hurricane’s high-speed winds. It is advisable to have your panels professionally checked after a storm.

How Can You Extend The Lifespan of Your Panels?

To extend the life of your panels, it is important to inspect them and maintain them properly. There is very little maintenance you need to do as a homeowner. However, you should clean your solar panels at least once every six months.

It is possible to recycle a solar panel after it has reached its end of life. You can take the following components of the solar panel from an old one and reuse or recycle them:

  • Glass
  • The frame 
  • Silicon
  • PET plastics
  • EVA plastics

Recycling solar panels is becoming more eco-friendly as technology improves. Researchers are constantly looking for better ways to extract all recyclable materials from panels.

What Type of Maintenance Do Solar Panels Need?

Solar panels don’t require any maintenance other than annual cleaning. You can clean them using a sponge or soft brush and mild soapy water. Be careful not to scratch the solar panels. Before you clean your solar panels, make sure to remove any debris or leaves. Although solar panel cleaning can be done at home, repairs and maintenance should be left to professionals. You should clean your panels every six months or every year. However, you may need to clean them more frequently if there are trees nearby or weather conditions that cause debris to build up.

Solar Panels are amazing Investments for your home or business. If you are looking for a professional solar installation company to install energy-saving and eco-friendly solar panels, call HD roofing today!

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