Some companies are making a big difference during this coronavirus crisis. One of the is located in Central Florida, it’s a roofing company. HD Roofing and Construction confirmed that all its sales representatives, roof inspectors, crews, supervisors, drivers and all the “out in the field” team is working regular hours during the COVID-19 quarantine.


HD Roofing and Construction, LLC is categorized as an “Essential Business” per the STATE OF FLORIDA, OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 20-89, that reads:

  • Contractors and other tradesmen, appliance repair personnel, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and other structures.
  • Office space and administrative support necessary to perform any of the above-listed activities.

Also, HD Roofing and Construction is a FEMA Authorized Contractor, with the knowledge and experience to function during emergency situations, and it is 100% complying with all the recommended safety directives for responsible operations during the coronavirus health crisis in Florida and the world, the company is limiting employees within the office to the strict minimum, while the majority of the office staff is working from home.

Even with the recent restrictions on work and travel outside of the home, their main office will remain closed for all clients and it will provide essential services and products to the Central Florida communities through phone and email.

The communities in Central Florida, from Daytona to Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee and all counties in between, can count on HD Roofing and Construction for all their roofing needs and emergencies, attending small repairs as complete roof replacements. HD Roofing and Construction play a critical role in providing roof emergency services while complying with state laws during a state of emergency.

HD Roofing and Construction main office is located at 385 Commerce Way, Suite 101, Longwood, FL. More information is located at our blog in