Top 7 Reasons To Install Tampa Solar Panels

You probably already know that solar energy is generated by the sun. Photovoltaic (PV cells) are a method of converting sunlight into electricity. Solar panel systems are being installed on roofs by homeowners and business owners across the country to harness this renewable and clean way to generate electricity. Are You unsure if you should Install Tampa Solar Panels? Here are 7 reasons to switch from traditional electricity to solar power.

1. The Environment Will Appriciate It

Sun-based power does not emit harmful emissions, contrary to what is commonly believed. It is a simple and unstoppable process that makes use of the most natural resource available: The sun.

The fossil fuels are responsible for 68% of America’s electricity consumption. The resulting emissions from combustion of these fuels are not good for the environment.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO 2) – is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) –  a poisonous, colorless and odorless gas, can cause unconsciousness and death.
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO 2) – Acid rain is harmful to plants as well as animals that live in water. It also causes respiratory diseases and heart disease.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NO x) – This contributes to ground-level Ozone which can irritate and damage the lungs.
  • Particulate matter (PM) – When combined with ozone, it can contribute to asthma and chronic lung disease.
  • Mercury and other heavy metals are dangerous to animal and human health

2. It Will Be a Great Investment For Your Wallet

Let’s assume you live in a one-story shingle roof home with an average monthly utility bill of $167. If utility rates remain the same, $167 x 12 equals $2004 per year for utility power. This means that you will give away $50,100 to your utility company over 25 years. Electric rates have gone up an average 6.7% per year over the past 15 years. It’s likely that it will go up even more.

You would spend $28,000 to buy your solar panel. $8,400 (Fed tax credit) = $19,000. By going solar, your electric bills will be eliminated. In 25 years, you’ll have saved more than $30,000.

3. Installing Tampa Solar Panels Can Slow or Stop Global Warming

Global warming is threatening not only the survival of humanity, but also the survival of many species. Solar panel systems are a cost-effective way to generate electricity that doesn’t contribute to global warming pollution.

4. Solar Energy Has a Fixed Cost

The price of electricity from utility providers cannot be guaranteed. Prices can fluctuate and consumers are forced to pay the current price. The cost of a solar system is the same regardless of how much it rises or falls. You set a minimum monthly payment to finance your solar system. This will replace your electricity bill. Your energy cost will drop to zero if you purchase all your panels. That’s right! – $0.

5. Solar Energy Can Be Used All Day

The sun isn’t going anywhere. We won’t run out of sun, nor is it difficult to find.

One myth about solar power is the perception of limitations in the energy-generating potential of solar panels. It is important to remember that solar energy can be generated from daylight, not sunlight. Your panels will continue to work even when it is cloudy, producing energy. The sun’s energy is stored, so you can use more of the electricity produced. Any excess energy is returned to the grid and credits your account with any extra energy. In the evening, you’ll be using the credit energy generated by the meter.

6. Tampa Solar Panels Are A Solid Investment For Your Home

Sometimes the home improvements you make to your home won’t bring the same value as the money you spend on them. Except when you are talking about solar energy. You will save money on your monthly energy bills, and also increase the property value of your home by investing in solar systems.

Because solar panels are an added value that offers potential buyers reason to choose your house over others, they can make the difference in selling your home. In Florida, you can also get a property tax exemption which excludes the solar panel system’s added value from the property’s valuation for taxation purposes.

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7. Tampa Solar Panels Can Last a Lifetime

Solar panels have no moving parts and are extremely durable. Because they have been rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and high winds, it is very difficult to damage a solar panel or cause an interruption to service. Most solar panels come with a warranty of 20-30 years. If you are looking for a company to Install Solar Panels In Tampa then look no further than HD Roofing & Construction. 

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