Roof Repairs

Need repairs, but you’re not quite yet ready for a new roof? Our experts will repair any damage and make sure your roof is secure and stable.

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Roof Repairs

Was your roof damaged my a storm, falling tree or other event, but you’re not quite ready for a new roof? We will provide a FREE roof inspection to determine the best course of action for repairing your roof and preventing further damage.

What Causes Damage?

Your roof’s primary function is to protect your home, which means that it takes gradual damage from the elements over time. However, there are more urgent issues that can call for immediate repair:

High winds during storms can tear off, loosen or damage your shingles. HD Roofing & Construction can quickly inspect the damage and make necessary repairs to prevent further issues.

If you discover wood rot around your roof or windows, you need immediate help to prevent it from spreading throughout your home. Wood rot can impact the durability of the entire roof and negatively impact your home’s value.

If your roof leaks, it can cause serious damage to the interior of your home. We can provide immediate assistance to repair your roof and prevent futher leaks.

Why HD Roofing?

When you hire us for a roof repair or replacement, you receive:


A FREE comprehensive roof inspection and estimate


A team of highly-qualified professional roofers


Landmark® Shingles with “Lifetime Limited Warranty”


Available roofing maintenance packages


High-quality, unparalleled customer service


Need Roof Repairs?

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