Find answers here

To the most common questions asked by Florida homeowners about Roofing & Solar.

Find answers here

To the most common questions asked by Florida homeowners about Roofing & Solar.

About Roofing

What causes roof damage?

In Central Florida, roof damage is commonly caused by tropical storms, hurricanes, strong winds, and intense sunlight. Additionally, the humid climate can contribute to mold growth and corrosion. Regular inspections are essential to identify and address these issues in a timely manner.

What can I do to prevent roof damage?

To prevent roof damage in Central Florida, it’s crucial to perform regular inspections, promptly repair lifted or damaged shingles, ensure that gutters are clean and in good condition, and consider hurricane-resistant roofing options. Additionally, applying protective treatments against mold and moisture can be beneficial.

How much will roof replacement cost?

Get a personalized roofing estimate, prepared by experts, completely free, and in just 24 hours. Visit our “Roofing Estimate” page to start the process and receive detailed information about the cost of roof replacement in Central Florida.

About Restoration

What does the comprehensive assessment involve?

The comprehensive assessment is a crucial step before any work begins. We conduct a detailed analysis to identify areas in need of restoration, ranging from insulation to flooring, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

What services are included in home restoration?

Our home restoration services cover various areas of the home. Whether it’s a complete renovation or specific improvements, our expert team revitalizes your property, ensuring high-quality results.

Do you offer packing and storage services during remodeling?

Yes, we understand that remodeling may involve moving personal items. We provide professional packing and secure storage services to protect your belongings during the restoration process.

About Solar

Can I generate enough solar energy to cover all my energy needs?

An average American home consumes 10,400 kWh per year. It takes 28 to 34 solar panels, each with 250 watts, to generate enough energy to power a complete home.

How long do solar panels typically last?

Solar panels in Florida typically last between 25 and 30 years. Over the long term, the system can save tens of thousands of dollars.

How much does a solar system cost?

Residential solar systems typically range from $15,000 to $25,000 for a 5 kW capacity, excluding tax credits and incentives. The cost per watt varies between $3 and $5. To calculate your solar panel expenses, consider your current energy consumption.

About Gutters

Why are gutters important for my home?

Gutters are essential for efficiently directing and channeling rainwater, preventing damage to foundations, soil erosion, and other associated problems. Additionally, they safeguard the integrity of your home.

How long do gutters last after installation?

The lifespan of gutters depends on the material and maintenance. Generally, with proper care, high-quality gutters can last for several decades.

How many gutter colors can I choose from?

We offer up to 20 color options, allowing you to personalize your gutters to harmonize seamlessly with your roof color, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home.

About Insulation

Why is home insulation important?

Insulation is crucial for regulating temperature, reducing energy costs, and improving the thermal efficiency of the home. It provides significant benefits in terms of comfort and sustainability.

How to determine the amount of insulation my home needs?

The ideal amount of insulation depends on factors such as climate, building structure, and energy efficiency goals. Our experts conduct detailed assessments to recommend the optimal solution.

What types of insulation do you offer?

We offer various options, such as classic “batts,” blown-in insulation, and spray foam. Each type has its own advantages, and our team will help you select the most suitable for your needs.

About Our Service

What area does HD Roofing & Solar serve?

We are proud to offer services in the Central Florida area, which includes Orlando, Lakeland, Space Coast, and Tampa.

What is the experience and training of your roofing installation team?

Our team is highly trained and experienced in the installation of a variety of roofing systems. We maintain high-quality standards and ensure that our installers are up-to-date with the latest industry practices.

What makes the roofing process with HD Roofing & Solar worry-free?

Our commitment is to simplify every step of the process. From the initial consultation to obtaining permits, coordinating deliveries and dates, project execution, coordinated inspections, and the delivery of warranties and documentation, we offer you a hassle-free experience.

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