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HD Roofing & Construction, established in 2017, has always maintained ethical business practices. Our company is committed to honesty, hard work, and integrity. We provide the best solar panel installation in Orlando. Integrity is the foundation of our brand. HD Roofing and Construction is a leader in residential and commercial solar. It was built by hardworking people. We are the leader in Orlando for solar companies. These services are what separates us from other Orlando solar panel installation companies.

Select a Certified And Trained Orlando Solar Panel Installation Expert

It can be difficult and complex to design and install solar panel systems. It is essential to find licensed Orlando electricians. Also, it is important to ensure that your solar panel partner has the correct certification. It is important to check their track record and make sure they meet all safety standards. Solar panel installers in Orlando must be knowledgeable and skilled in the latest technology. They should also be able safely to install the equipment.


Orlando homeowners have two choices when it comes to solar panel installers: national or local. Local solar panel contractors are more reliable. Local businesses provide a better experience and a more personal service. They also help the local economy.


Many people believe that all solar panel companies offer maintenance. Many Orlando solar panel companies do not provide follow-up maintenance. After installation, your system will no longer be supported. You can avoid this by hiring a solar contractor that offers solar maintenance. This team can help you find rooftop solar panels in Orlando. They will oversee the entire process, from installation through final.

Finance Options

Amazing Rooftop solar panels for an incredible price If you don’t have enough money to buy solar panels in Orlando, financing is possible. You can seek financing options from reputable solar companies in Orlando. While this is not their main role, they can assist you with various plans and guide you through each step.

Solar Expertise

It is crucial to select a company that has a track record of success. Ask for quality assurance certificates for all kinds of solar panels in Orlando. Online testimonials and reviews can be found. To ensure that you get the best service, it is important to have a solid track record. Clients should be able to talk about past solar power system installations.

Verified, Licensed, and Insured

Insurance policies protect both you and your business. It is vital that you are aware of the requirements in your local jurisdiction and state. General liability insurance is a requirement for every company.

Get guidance and advice

Orlando’s top solar companies can offer guidance and advice to help you choose the best solar panels for your home. A solid working relationship is built on trust. You can expect transparency and commitment to keep in touch about the progress of your projects.

Dedicated Solar Installation Team

Independent contractors are not employed by the best Orlando solar companies. You will find the name of the team responsible for your home at the end.

  • You have already reviewed this team
  • Trusted and highly experienced
  • There are still part-timers available in the city
  • They are solar experts
  • Directly reports to their boss

These last two points are crucial. Contractors and roofers with little knowledge of solar are often employed by larger companies. Local teams have better knowledge. Although they aren’t always available for immediate needs, they can be there for many decades. Local businesses are held more accountable for large national corporations than they are for smaller ones. The owner of HD Roofing & Construction visits your property during construction to answer questions.

We understand your local area

Each community and each town faces its own challenges. Although these challenges might seem insignificant when it comes to Orlando solar installations, they can have a huge impact on the project. We are Florida roofing experts and can tell the difference between tile and shingle. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the best materials we use in the most efficient settings maximize the sun’s energy. Also, we consider wind speeds and potential storms. Franchise solar companies or national companies in Orlando tend to treat all sites the same and ignore their particular needs.

Only the Best Materials

We only use high-quality components to ensure the best performance of your solar roofing systems. Your 25-year warranty will help you save thousands of dollars and make it easier to repair.

Verify if your roof is solar-ready

HD Roofing & Construction employs solar panel contractors who can inspect your roof. We can also assist with roof replacement and repair. A roof that matches solar panels should have an area between 200 and 400 square feet. The roof should face southwest or south to get maximum sunlight. If your roof is extremely steep, it may be difficult to install solar panels in Orlando. If you have any of these issues, it is worth installing solar panels on the ground. Roof problems such as leaks or structural damage must be addressed before you can install solar panels.

Orlando Solar Tax Credits and Rebates

Florida is fourth in the country that uses solar energy. There are many rebates and incentives available in Orlando for solar energy. Both homeowners and the government offer tax credits and financial incentives for solar energy. Orlando is an excellent place to convert to solar energy. The area receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Many Orlando solar incentives are available.

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit
  • Florida Sales Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Net Metering

These are just a few of the many ways that you can save money and still keep money in your pockets.

Solar Power Installation In Orlando

Do you want to find a Florida company that will help you reach your goals, save money, and give back? Contact us today! HD Construction is Sunshine State’s best solar installer. Solar panels can save you thousands of dollars in Orlando.

Go Solar with HD Roofing & Construction

HD Roofing & Construction can help you reap the many benefits of solar panels once your exterior home remodeling has been completed. We can help you select the right option for your home. HD Roofing & Construction is a trusted partner for solar panel installation in Orlando. No job is too small or too large. Do you have questions about how to set up solar panels? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you! Contact us today to learn more about solar panels in Orlando and the reasons they are so important. We can help determine whether solar panels are right for you. HD Roofing & Construction company offers the highest quality solar panels in Orlando.

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Why Solar?

Electricity costs in Florida rise every year. Dramatically reduce this bill with your own rooftop solar system. We have partnered with CED Greentech, the nation’s leading solar distributor, to install quality solar panels that last for decades.

How Solar Works

Solar panels, when installed on your rooftop, can harness the sun’s energy using solar cells.

When sunlight hits a solar cell, it results in a flow of electrons that can be used to create electricity.

A rooftop solar system contains thousands of solar cells, which can be used to power your entire home!

Bundle your new roof and solar system with our financing options!

Solar Incentives

Since 1997, all solar energy systems have been exempt from Florida’s sales and use tax.

The added home value of solar panels is excluded from the property’s taxable value.

There is a federal solar tax credit available through 2023 for 26% of the solar system’s value.

Roofer replacing shingles on roof during roof replacement

Bundle Your Roof & Solar

Solar is a clean, consistent, renewable source of energy. Take advantage of incredible savings and reduce your energy bill when you bundle your new roof and solar system.


The average monthly electricity bill for a Florida resident in 2022.


The percentage of electricity used for air conditioning.


The amount of roof solar systems currently installed in Florida.


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