Solar Panels and Metal Roofing: A Perfect Match

07/11/22 | Roofing, Solar

Solar panels are a great way to save money and generate your own electricity. HD Roofing can help you maximize your investment by putting the right panels together with the right roof. Keep reading to learn more about solar panels and metal roofing.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panels can be a great way to generate power and cutting down your utility bills. The perfect roof for solar power generation is wide, flat, and has direct exposure to the sun. Solar power is not the same for all roofing materials. How can you determine which type of roofing is best for your situation?

These are two great ways to make your own power using our metal roofing systems!

  1. Mounted solar panel’s – Traditional photovoltaic panels that are mounted on top of metal shingles with stainless steel brackets.
  2. Integrated solar panels – Dual-function photovoltaic panels that can be used as shingles by being strategically placed in place of metal shingles.

While mounted panels are better for now, integrated solar roofing panels offer a lot of promise in the future.

For several reasons, mounted solar panels are best paired with metal roofing. The useful life span of a solar panel is approximately 20 years. This is much less than the lifespan of metal roofing shingles but more than asphalt shingle roofing. The roof will remain intact until it is time to replace the panels.

A metal shingle roof is more than just a great base for solar power generation. HD Roofing offers high-quality metal roofs.


Metal roofing is more durable than asphalt shingles and requires less maintenance. Permanent roofing makes it much easier to replace solar panels and make them last longer. Solar panels that can withstand the elements will last a lifetime.


Solar power can reduce your dependence on standard electricity. High-quality metal roofing cuts down energy costs up to 20%. Metal roofs address all three forms of heat transfer, keeping your home cooler and optimizing energy efficiency. Radiant heat from sunlight reflects off the specialized coating on metal roofs. Conductive heat dissipates between roof and the attic and convective heat is emitted through the ventilation.


Metal roofing shingles come in many colors and styles. They can look like slate, tile, or wooden shake. Proper installation is key to this beauty, which our skilled roofing crews offer to many satisfied customers. Your new roof and solar system installation will make your neighbors jealous.

Now or Later

We can help you if you’re interested in solar power generation and a new roof. Our metal roofs are designed to work in tandem with solar panels to provide a long-lasting solution. You can have your roof installed “solar ready”, which will allow you to install solar panels later. All the while, you are enjoying all the benefits of your new roof.

Our Solar and Roofing: A Perfect Match

Contact us to learn more about our solar panels and metal roofing. We are happy to provide information and assist you in turning your roof into an energy-generating station. Imagine the potential of solar power by looking up at your roof.

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